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Your first stop should be our listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Below you will find the answers to the most common questions and directions to complete most tasks on your council website.

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7 FAQs

  • What are Forms?

    Forms are a way of collecting information from visitors to your website.  They could be a contact form, a registration form, or many other things.  Your council website includes access to the powerful Gravity Forms system.  This allows you to create custom forms to suit your needs.

    Your council website comes with several forms preloaded.  These forms are maintained by Grassroots Hosting and you do are not able to edit or remove them.  The default forms installed on your council website are:

    • Contact Form - on the Contact Us page.
    • Pay Your Dues - on the Pay Membership Dues page.
    • Join Us - on the Join Us page.
    • Awards Nomination - on the awards page
    • Prayer Request - Located at the bottom of every page
    • Survey of Fraternal Activity Member Worksheet
  • How do I add a new form?

    You can create and add a new form to any news post on your council site.

    For detailed instructions visit the following help pages:

    Creating a Form

    Configuring Notifications (Emails)

    Configuring Confirmations

    Finally, you will need to embed the form in a post by doing the following:

    From an Editor you can click on the Form icon in the Upload/Insert toolbar. This is located to the left of the Visual/HTML tabs in the body text editor. Clicking on the Form icon will activate the insert form modal window.

    Using the shortcode builder you will first want to select a form from the Select a Form dropdown. If you are unable to find your form in the dropdown list, return to the Edit Forms page and ensure that your form is active. Once you have selected a form, you can specify the following options:

    • Display form title
      Checking this option will display the form title
    • Display form description
      Checking this option will display the form description
    • Enable AJAX
      Checking this option will enable your form to be submitted via AJAX. Submitting the form via AJAX allows the form to be submitted without requiring a page refresh.

    After you have specified your desired options, click Insert Form to automatically insert the Gravity Forms shortcode into the body of the post/page content you are editing.

    In the editor you will see something similar to: [gravityform id="1" title="false" description="false"].  When you publish your post and view it on your council website, your form will replace this code.

  • How can I learn more about the Forms system?

    We use Gravity Forms: a powerful and very flexible form system.  You can learn more about Gravity Forms by reading their getting started and help guide.

    Please note, some features described in the guide require additional add ons which we may not have enabled.  If you would like to use an add on described in the guide please open a support ticket with your request and we will evaluate it.  Not all add ons are compatible with our platform.

  • How do I view form submissions?

    When a user submits a form three things happen.

    1. A confirmation message is displayed to the user (configurable)
    2. An email is sent to the user and the form recipient (configurable)
    3. The form submission is saved to the admin dashboard

    Any member who has Executive or Council Administrator level access to your dashboard will have access to all form submissions.  For privacy reasons, you should only grant members who need access to this information these access levels.

    If a member does not need access to all forms, you should add them to the notifications in the form settings.  This way they will receive all form submissions by email, but not be able to access other forms.

    Read this Guide to learn about accessing and viewing form submission from the dashboard.

  • Can I create a bursary or Scholarship application form?


    This would be an excellent use of the forms system.  Just remember to ensure only those members who should have access to the private information stored in the applications have access to them.  You may want to consider printing the applications and deleting them from your website if they contain sensitive information such as financial or medical information.

  • Where are the Annual Fraternal Survey results?

    To see the aggregated results of the Survey of Fraternal Activity Member Worksheet's submitted by members do the following:

    1. Login to your dashboard
    2. Click on "Forms" in main menu
    3. Click the Down arrow beside the form name at the top of the screen.
    4. Select "Survey of Fraternal Activity Member Worksheet".
    5. Click the "Fraternal Survey Results" button in the menu below the form title.
    6. From this screen you can change the year you would like to see the results for.
  • Member Polls/Online Voting

    You can add a poll/vote to your members' area using the build in forms system.

    Creating the Form

    Start by adding a new Form to your site. (See our other Form FAQ's for detailed instructions).

    When “editing” the form, you add an “Advanced Field” called a “Poll”.  Then set the settings to look something like this:

    Change the Poll Question field to the question you want to ask.  You can put more background or details in the description.  I suggest a Poll Type of Radio Buttons.  But if you want them to be able to select multiple responses, you could use checkboxes.

    Near the top right of the field settings box pictured above you will see three icons.  Use the middle “two pages” one to duplicate a field and then just change the question.

    Make sure to click the Save/Update button on the right side of the screen.

    This next step is optional.  You can restrict the form to only be available between certain dates.  For example, all votes must be in before April 5th.

    Click the "Settings" menu near the top of the page.  At the bottom of the settings page tick the box beside "Schedule Form".  Enter the start and end date and time if applicable.  IMPORTANT: the server time is Pacfic time.  Please adjust accordingly.  Click the Update button.

    Next we will restrict the number of times a user can submit the form.  Move your mouse over the "Settings" menu near the top of the page and click on "Limit Submissions" item.

    1. Click the "Add New" button.
    2. Configure the limit to look like this:
    3. Customize the Message you would like members to see when they have already submitted the poll.  If you would like them to see the current results include this line:
      [gravityform action="polls" id="XX" mode="results" style="blue" percentages="true" counts="true"]
      Change id="XX" by replacing the XX with your Form Id number. You can find the number in an orange box at the top of the page beside your form title.  You can change the colour to red, green, blue, or orange.  You can also change percentages and counts to false.
    4. Click the "Update Settings" button.

    Need more than one poll?  You can just “duplicate” the form and change the questions!  To do this, go back to your forms listing.

    When you move your mouse over the poll form line, you will see some options appear.  One will be duplicate.  After clicking that, move your mouse over your “new” poll and click settings.  Change the title and schedule (if you have set one) and save.  Don't forget to change the questions by clicking the "Edit" links.

    Display Instant Results

    Would you like your members to instantly see the current results after they submit the form?  This too can be done.  Move your mouse over the "Settings" menu at the top of the edit form page.  Click on "Polls".  You will see something like this:

    Check the box for "Results".  After submitting the poll, the "up to the moment" results will be displayed.

    If you want your members to be able to view the results before voting, check the "Results Link" box.

    Configure the "Percentages", "Counts", and "Style" options as you like.

    IMPORTANT - Do not use the "Block repeat voters" setting here.  It is not as secure as the method used in the previous section, and will interfere with the proper operation of your poll.

    Click the "Update Settings" button.

    Embedding the Form

    On your admin dashboard, move your mouse over the “Council Info” menu and select “Page Content”.  Make sure you are on the Members’ Area tab at the top.

    1. Click "Add Item" near the bottom right
    2. Click "Form"
    3. Select your form from the drop down.
    4. Add any text in the text box you would like displayed before the form.
    5. Click the "Update" button near the top right of the page.

    Note: You can change to a "new poll" by just changing the form in the drop down.

    Viewing Results

    The reason you “must” use the Poll field is because these fields automatically calculate a result.

    On your forms listing, you will see a “results” link.  This will show you the aggregate of all responses to each question!  This is similar to how the Fraternal Survey results are displayed.